Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Monday, March 18, 2013

Off the Beaten Path...Treasures

Even though Amelia Island was a favored haunt for pirates and folks still believe in buried treasure, this is about a treasure of a different kind.  Treasure that one finds when heading off the beaten path.  Norm had found a list of small parks in our area within a short drive and suggested we go off to explore.
This is the treasure that we found.  When you go looking be sure to keep your eyes sharp.
They are so easy to miss. 

The first is Goffinsville Nassau River Park and Boat Ramp
The photo ops here were perfect, starting with this one.
This is an ultra quiet park. There were only a few fisherman fishing off
the ramp.  This is not the ramp.  This was a scene on private property just
to the right of the park.  With an artist's eye, I reveled in the
shapes and forms.  When I downloaded the pictures, I had discovered treasure!
Still in my mind....someday I will paint this.

The Park is located on Old Nassauville Road...keep your eyes peeled for it.

Below is the main boat ramp: there is another smaller fishing ramp  nearby.
The sounds we heard were
mostly the gentle lapping of the river sipping at the shore...

A second treasure surprise awaited us on SR 200 in Yulee: 463039 to be exact.  
Again: watch for it!

What a sweet little discovery!  Not very big, but get that camera out and be sure to read the signs.

Believe it or not, the great environmentalist John Muir actually walked through here....that was a new one on me.  He walked from the mountains to here!  The other bit of news was that right off this walkway is a treed path  where there was a right of way for the railroad built by David Yulee. It went all the way to Cedar Key on the opposite coast.  Cedar Key is of interest,  because the tragic
town of Rosemont is nearby.  Do read the history of that town. 
The railroad helped to save a lot of lives there in the 1920's. 

                    The path of the railroad is ghostly now but read the sign to find out more.

It was a cold wintery day here in Amelia when we went off the find these places but we both felt
it was a soul enhancing day of beauty and history.  

Here is where you can find more details.

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