Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Going Italian on the beach!!

Over the past year or so we lost one of our favorite Italian restaurants in downtown Amelia: Pompeo's.  It was a homey, comfortable place that its Napolianese Italian owner, Mario, imbued with his own friendly and outgoing personality.  We loved the food.  We loved meeting friends there as it was just right in size so noise was not a problem.  Then it was gone.

                                                                  Then it was back!!

Fitted with everything in a spanking new Food Truck (the first on the Island) Even a table and chairs where one could plant a candle and go formal.

Peter's Point beach just moments away for us !  And moments away for beachcombers and sunbathers to grab a piazza or a full meal. You also may take a horseback ride along the beach before or after.

One day our doing driving errands we saw the truck. Always ready for an island adventure, we followed along right to the beach.  Mario recognized us and we had a reunion!  Promised to come back the next day and taste what was on offer.

My pictures look like they were taken in the 50's with their golden hue.  It was a cloudy and breezy day.  But, that did not stop us.  We were on a mission....was Mario's food as good in a food truck as it had been in his restaurant?  We put in our order, and it was cooked on the spot.  We took it back into the car and as we are county residents drove onto the beach to enjoy the sound of the waves.


The food was wonderful...perhaps even better with the sea air along with it.  This is a  perfect venue when grandkids are visiting or even for takeout.  Our recommendation is 5 Stars and we are glad to share the news!  

                                                           MARIO IS BACK!

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