Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A weekend happening

The Island sometimes hiccups with a bubble of activity...this weekend was one of those
times.  The annual Concours d'Elegance, one of four premiere antique car events in the country,
took place at the Ritz seaside here.  Pristine, often celebrity old cars strut their stuff 
hoping to win prizes,
or perhaps even find a new home.  
Today they were paraded before the judges. Driven by
period costumed chauffeurs accompanied by willowy young ladies in gosamer gowns
and flowing hats the mind imagines another era. 

 Great Gatsby anyone?

        There is great fanfare and much traffic, pedestrian and otherwise, then it all gets quiet again when
        they all go home.  In the meantime our restaurants, hotels and inns get a good boost.  Spring is
       in the air today, it is warmer and we all feel better, even though we lost an hour of sleep.  Do the birds know when to wake me  up?

Meanwhile, we are excited that a dear friend from up in New England
is coming to visit this that time
the island will be sparkling in sun.

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