Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


As usual, a weekend wander downtown and - a discovery. Our two favorite restaurants here happen to be ethnic.  One was now open for lunch!  Ciao is truly a taste of Italy.  We had yet to discover how much of an "Italiano" day it was going to be though when we decided to take a breather from errands.

Luca, owner with his wife Kim, greeted us personally, as always, and soon we were seated at our  table. As we entered a sweet space of relaxation we noticed that the young couple seated behind us were chatting happily in Italian. The sound was delightful and the music of it brought us back to memories of our trip to Italy long ago.

Ciao is a place where one can enjoy wonderful food, friendship and, in general, people watching. As readers know, that is one of my pastimes. Always a joy…Ciao.

                                                Luca welcoming us to his restaurant

We have known Luca since we came to the Island, eight years ago.  We watched him as he and his wife planned their career until finally: CIAO was born.  They are good friends.

I do not usually make endorsements but in this case, along with another restaurant, I will do so.
  Stay tuned for the other….


But, my Italian sojourn was not yet over.  Typical of Amelia Island to have another 
surprise up its sleeve.

The next morning, I went to my favorite consignment shop. I needed to find some winter clothes to warm me during an unseasonal cold spell.  Here below is Barb. owner of BUY GONES, a delight of a shop in many ways.  Others think so, too, as you can see:

                                               Best Amelia Consignment Shop 2013!

There I was wandering through clothing goodies when in walked a couple shivering on this cold day.
When I looked up: lo and behold, the couple from Ciao! They commenced to speak Italian to Barb, imagine: also Italian!  Turns out they were in Amelia to be married that afternoon!  Good wishes all around.  I even found lots of lovely clothes on top of it all!

Barb is a great fundraiser, too, another reason to frequent her shop.  All part of the unique experience of Amelia Island on a cold Saturday morning.  Thanks, Barb, I will be back!



Amelia Island is a place for dreaming. Laid back and slow, a day or two like the one I described is only an Island dream a hop, skip and jump away….


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY 2014

Wishing all who read and enjoy this little island blog a wonderful 2014.  Amelia Island continues to surprise and welcome all who come to its shores.  But, wherever you may be the Island Mentality is there for you….close your eyes and take a deep breath, and imagine you are on your own special Island.  Come on it, the water is fine!!!

We have just returned from a very big city with its inherent noise and traffic.  A huge sigh as we return to our home and listen to the surf sing us to sleep at night.

                                                           Thank you Pinterest for this photo