Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Going Italian on the beach!!

Over the past year or so we lost one of our favorite Italian restaurants in downtown Amelia: Pompeo's.  It was a homey, comfortable place that its Napolianese Italian owner, Mario, imbued with his own friendly and outgoing personality.  We loved the food.  We loved meeting friends there as it was just right in size so noise was not a problem.  Then it was gone.

                                                                  Then it was back!!

Fitted with everything in a spanking new Food Truck (the first on the Island) Even a table and chairs where one could plant a candle and go formal.

Peter's Point beach just moments away for us !  And moments away for beachcombers and sunbathers to grab a piazza or a full meal. You also may take a horseback ride along the beach before or after.

One day our doing driving errands we saw the truck. Always ready for an island adventure, we followed along right to the beach.  Mario recognized us and we had a reunion!  Promised to come back the next day and taste what was on offer.

My pictures look like they were taken in the 50's with their golden hue.  It was a cloudy and breezy day.  But, that did not stop us.  We were on a mission....was Mario's food as good in a food truck as it had been in his restaurant?  We put in our order, and it was cooked on the spot.  We took it back into the car and as we are county residents drove onto the beach to enjoy the sound of the waves.


The food was wonderful...perhaps even better with the sea air along with it.  This is a  perfect venue when grandkids are visiting or even for takeout.  Our recommendation is 5 Stars and we are glad to share the news!  

                                                           MARIO IS BACK!

Monday, December 29, 2014

happy new year 2015


A Happy New Year to all, not just here on our Island but across the world.  May Peace come to all countries, may respect for life come to all countries, may we be blessed with mutual understanding and tolerance.   Amen


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Remembering the Reason...


It is over 70 degrees on the Island today.  When we took our walk downtown shorts and no jackets were the order of the day.  Still some shopping by a few hurrying here and there.

We take a moment to give thanks, for so much.  Thanks for the Coming of the Lord.  Tonight all the churches here will rejoice and bells ring out over the Island.  

                                  Let us all pray for peace, peace, peace, peace.

                                               Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A departure from Christmas themes.  Since our walk the other  morning, the photographs I captured  are  fresh,  just asking for elaboration and sharing. 

 I have been waiting to use this poem for ages. 
 I read it in college and it comes to mind on days such as this one.

"The fog comes
on little car feet

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on."

Carl Sandburg

  Eerie, the haunting photos tell of the mist which muffled
sounds around it.  But a few steps over the railroad tracks from our little downtown the harbor in all of its faces reflects the south, the sea, an island. This day a face that
speaks of olden days, hiding secrets in its grey cloak.

Linear shapes go aloft through the mist with  their shadows playing beneath. 
The fog has kept boat owners close in their holds awaiting the sun to let them
travel on.  Their names read: Maine, New Jersey, and on and on.

A lone pelican seeking an early meal.

Does one walk into yesteryear from this pier?

 For us lucky denizens of this Island, it is only another face of our home showing a unique kind of beauty, a dreamy one that defines an island as off by itself, close by the mother land or far and away.  My husband walks off to the end of a pier looking for little surprises be it close by or at a distance.  As the fog came closer and then receded this beauty was revealed. The sun is starting to waken the day calling forth the shrimping boat on the right.  Below is my favorite shot of the day. It could have been taken a hundred years ago when this Island was a very different place.

I imagine sailor -speak would have a title for a sight like this one. The sun coming
slowly out over the horizon promising a clearer day.

Edgar Allen Poe once wrote .."all that we see or dream is but a dream within a dream."  Walking in the misty harbor you get that Poe feeling.

I took the above photograph in the harbor and then revised it on an application revealing
this spook catamaran and the lovely bird on its right. All  of the photos in this post were taken by Yours Truly..

On a island that once was the favorite haunt of pirates (historical fact and tales for another day) one turns to old ghost stories.  So before the sun comes out I leave you with this...

                                                   Happy dreaming and avast .....

Friday, November 28, 2014


The little angel frolicking in the surf comes from Pinterest.  It says just what I want it to say-Christmastide has come to Amelia Island.  No Black Friday for us: it is a blue and gold and red Friday with lots of tinsel and sea shells to show for it.  Lights have been strung on pier posts and a message hung on light posts.... that message is one of peace.



Our day after Thanksgiving is not one of rush and bustle.  Matter of fact it is a fun day downtown with folks still dressed in their pajamas...  If you are wearing pj's you get a 20% discount on your downtown Christmas shopping.  Plus, you have a whole sleigh full of fun.  It is a chilly day but it did not stop the fun and good humor.  I think this year there were more grown-ups acting like children then the other way around.  

Dress up at Christmastide in Amelia Island

This next merry gentleman is enjoying himself and is the hit of the day. Just to his right
notice that this year we had a bell ringer making lovely music.
The Art of Living on an Island in Christmas costume

   The shops are all decorated.  Pajama clad and otherwise shoppers stroll slowly among other strollers. There is nothing that looks like an unhappy crowd.  Shops offer free refreshment and around a corner Santa is set up to hear secret lists.  Another corner and lo, a little band is setting up.  A new charming toy store glistens and invites just across.  Look to the end of the street and boats bob in the harbor.

The art of living on an island shows off in our bookstore at Christmastide

Another Christmas in Amelia for us, the ninth one.  Each year the Christmas scene here delights and refreshes.  No arguments on should if we should call it Christmas! You can bet your traveling elf, not a one. It is a traditional, if quirky season for us here in this southern town and it is all ours.
Christmas is very precious here. We are reminded of it's real meaning, the sense of giving and caring. You can hear the ringing of the Salvation army bells manned by volunteers all over the Island and the sound of giving. If it turns cold our volunteer cold shelters are ready for the less fortunate. Amelia Island is a small town with a big heart especially at Christmas.

Here is hoping you had a good Thanksgiving and 
that your Christmastide is full of blessings.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy U.S.A. Thanksgiving!

A very Happy U.S.A. Thanksgiving to one and all!

We have so much to be thankful for..let's not take it for granted
and let's remember those who have little...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


There is autumn right here in Amelia Beach, Florida. Today it is a chilly 46 degrees but then tomorrow will be back in the 60's or 70's.  See. here is a changing tree to prove it.  One of the reasons we love the Island is that it has the seasons....without SNOW and ICE.  This is great for us transplanted New Englanders!

 Still it goes back and forth, you can see it was cooler on this Saturday when we were at the Farmer's Market.  This little lady was wearing her holiday sweater near her owner's booth selling goat's milk products

                                and also quail eggs....hmmm, enticing to try.

There is now a craft alley at the Farmer's Market in downtown Fernandina Beach and I was taken with this crafter's booth shared with her father's wood bowls. The shell candle holders are made of oyster shells and just lovely.  The wooden bowls are carved from a particular type of tree that grows in our swamps here.  The tree is beyond its time but the years have made fascinating shapes which are a crafter's dreams.  
I know a gentlemen here on the Island who makes wondrous canes with them.

                                              A very special wooden bowl ....a keeper.

Our shell artist, Kangee Graham,  with her wares.

All in all,  another lovely Saturday morning in downtown Amelia Island, where
surprises and delights await.