Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Sunday, April 28, 2013


One of the best features of living on Amelia Island (and there are many) is the history we bump into each day.  This photograph was in the window of one of our shops downtown (Twisted Sisters) and I was lucky enough to get a good shot of it.  Thanks to historical advocates and the Amelia Museum the island has a large historic district. Just walking it and noting historical markers is a learning experience.
For a little place: twelve miles by three miles, it is chalk full of the past.  You have to take your time and saunter, perhaps take a Ghost tour (yep, we have those,too), or just a sweet and slow buggy ride to soak it all up.  We are not Charleston or St. Augustine, but I like us just fine. 

Stay tuned for more historical facts....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Somehow we find peace

In spite of the tragedy and fear engendered by the ongoing terrorist situation in Boston, we must find a place to breathe, to have faith.  That is where the sea and mountains come in, if we can get to them.
If you cannot,  I am offering this post.  Situations like this find us glued to violence, fear and stifling sorrow.  I pray for Boston and pray for those who have been victims and their families. May somehow they realize they are not alone, that love is finding its way to them, that courage will come forth.

There is always the sky, there is always tomorrow....endurance,
like the ever remaining sea.

photo by Ryan Smith not taken in Amelia

and there is the promise of overcoming evil.....of victory
I love this photograph I took of a beach in Jekyl Island, Georgia.
This was a beach littered with skeletal fallen trees.  This shot
just made me think of victory, of endurance and courage.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In solidarity

I am from New England, not far from the city of Boston. Since yesterday afternoon, we have been glued to the TV with tears in our eyes and saddened hearts. We spent the afternoon trying to connect
with our daughter and her family, praying for their safety. Thankfully, they are all safe.
Hard to be far in such times, even in beautiful Amelia.

 Be strong, dear Boston, old Friend.

Our prayers are with all the victims and with the grieving families.  This is a cowardly deed, and we pray that somehow somewhere such perpetrators may open their eyes to goodness instead of evil and these actions will stop.  It may be hard to imagine, but surely we have to hope against hope.  Meanwhile, vigilance and support of the innocents who have and still do suffer, no matter where they are in this world must be our common task...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

shabby chic anyone?

Meandering the byways of our sweet downtown, we come upon this little beauty...the camera loves it!  No giving it have to walk around and find it;: like a scavanger hunt (apropos term in this case).  I just love the ingenuity and the imagination.  I have seen an antique french portal for over a thousand dollars in an antique shop.  This is better.  Note that the columns do not match!  They just need to be the same height.  If you wander around this unique property you will see bits and pieces at every corner.  One of the pleasures of walking a historic town, or sometimes any area, is to find such surprises.  Our favorite stroll starts with the downtown Farmer's Market finding out produce for the week (less now that we have our garden getting into its swing), we start our wandering trek away from the more travelled areas of the main street.  Scenes like this are just waiting to delight.

I call these treasure forays solace for the soul.  My adventures at the Mayo continue. Promises look good for repairing this tired body.  When they are fulfilled I can walk even more and even further.
Cannot wait to unearth more and more to share.  Meanwhile, I do what I can.  I have walked and walked for many years, it is just a bit harder now.  But...up and at it.  How can I miss things like this?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A rainy day in drew a watercolor on my window and 
out came this photograph: a watercolor by Mother nature. 

Rain is welcome for our gardens, so no complaining.  We did have to get up at 4 a.m. or so today to take the early Mayport Ferry on our way to the Mayo Clinic.  Among our many blessings here on the Island is our proximity to the world renowned Mayo.  There are only a few in the whole U.S.A. 
We are but an hour and a half away.
I am chasing down an ailment that has left other physicians muddled.  
It has kept me form painting and driving.  I am very hopeful though that the answers lie with the Mayo.

The early morning journey was a metaphor for this search.  This is the first time we have taken the Ferry in the dark.  We were the first car on so got first prize: a premiere view out on the water.
The rain was painting a pointalistic  painting on the windows which was had an erie beauty all its own. Suddenly across our line of vision: a long dark silhouette of a ship, like a silent movie film noire.
It slid slowly and soundlessly across the horizon, no lights until the back pilot house 
where a few brave lights kept vigil.

Eventually morning light lit the gloom and again, like a metaphor,
reminded us that all things pass and we have but to wait in hope.

I was reminded of that when we went to the garden the next day. Wandering off
while Norm watered everything, I and my camera came upon this lovely sight. 

 There are really no weeds, everything is a flower, a gift.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nooks and Crannies

The Island is full of tiny corners and unexpected surprises.One has only to breathe, take time, and look.

Old and venerable, we are protected by a vigorous historic district, the Fort Clinch State Park and the Greenway.  The latter weaves through the middle of the Island keeping flora and fauna safe and sound.

The best way to discover the hidden treasures is to walk, Did you know that a long time ago this was a favorite haunt of pirates? But, more on that for another time.  Walking is a way to let secrets come upon you.  Last weekend, after replenishing our produce supply at the downtown Farmer's Market, we set out on another journey, this time around the streets in and around our  precious downtown area.  Camera in hand we found sights we missed when driving.

                         This is the first installation of more Nooks and Crannies posts.

The blue caught our eye, as it was meant to do...and don't forget the metal frog hanging on to the edge of the birdbath.  But, more was yet to be seen!  Suddenly, raising our eyes we saw something that delighted the artist in us....where it is in each of us.

Snugged up to  in a bitty little house, much loved and caressed with artistic notions...a window treatment to make one want to do the same thing.  Eight years we have been here and somehow
we never noticed.  I am not going to tell you where this is, up to you to discover on your own.

 These are faux windows: hard to see in my photograph, but there are black and white photographs
behind each window pane.  The shutters are recycled and cut with sweet half moons.  Ah, to meet
the person behind it all and to hope that the creativity rubs off.


I love old things
Weather-beaten houses with moss grown roofs
Where memories of generations cling
Old china fragile as the lily hands
That painted blossoms long ago
Brasses from those dimly lighted shops
Where skull-capped ancients peddled hammered ware...
Old books where scattered margin notes
Are indices to history never told
Old people who have aged like ivory
Made beautiful by time's poetic touch
Old loves that remember music
Are sweeter as their memory grows old
And pictures on whose colors time has laid
A hand that tempers them to golden tones...

Old Things: a poem by Margi on her blog post