Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Monday, March 25, 2013

How Does our Garden Grow...

I have written of the Amelia Garden show where we bought our herbs and tomatoes and a few other things.We have been keeping them safe in their pots waiting for the
 right time to transplant.  All the while, like many gardeners this time of year
 we have been itching to get our fingers into the soil.  
Veteran gardeners here tell us that it is safe to do that for many plants,
 only after St. Patrick's Day.  Up north it was only after Memorial Day.
 Mother Nature tricks us with her taunts of warmer weather now and then.

This year we are excited to have a vegetable plot and Norm has it planted.  He is
now a Master Gardener  and I am a consultant from our years of gardens
in New England.  I did not create this sweet scarecrow but she guards the entire area.
I wonder if she is too friendly?

Here is our resident farmer getting his rows ready and weeding out unwanted greens. Someone said that there is no such thing as a weed: everything has a purpose.  Already in the garden are kale, escarole, green onions and carrots.  Poking up and testing the air they encourage us.  When we brought the herbs in the back of the car, three kinds of basil perfumed the air.  Lemon balm, because it can spread uncontrollably, will stay in a pot at home.  I love lemon balm, you walk by it brushing it to release its odor.  True aroma therapy.  I do miss my great big herb garden up in New England, but like all all of creation, there is a time and a season. We also kept nasturtiums at home. I plan to freeze them in ice cubes to liven up cold drinks, and to use them in salads, as they are edible.

Amelia Island is not fully tropical. we are at the northern tip of coastal  Florida.  We have our seasons, though New Englanders would laugh at our winters...still it does get cold.

Will keep you posted on our garden doings in the posts to come.

Enjoy your Monday and the week!  We had storms and electrical storms all
weekend but today the sun is shining in a blue sky.  A walk is waiting for us.

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