Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Friday, July 5, 2013


Each year the Fourth of July is always a busy time on Amelia Island. This one was no exception!  Here is a wonderful photo by Billy Robertson of a Harbor sunset downtown this week.

We spent the Fourth on a boat moored there with the perfect combination of good friends, good food and drink, all topped off with a spectacular Fireworks display.

                                              How better to spend our Nation's birthday?

Billy's  photograph is of a display put on by Mother Nature preceeding the fireworks the next night.

The Island was inundated with folks spending time at the beach, in the shops and moored in the harbor.
The whole week the weather had been iffy at best and showered us with thunderstorms in the afternoon, drenching rain,  and no promise of a good Fourth.

 Then; amazingly it all changed to beautiful skies and perfect weather.

We wandered to the beach for a bit, too, earlier in the day. It was busier than ever. Amid the sparkling sea scene we spied this group working their way down the surf line in some sort of beach game . For younger folk than to watch, though. I t felt good to see that even they were out of breath!!


          May you stay safe and sound and true to yourself!!!

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