Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Monday, July 15, 2013

Old friends, new friends.....silver and gold.

Life on an island resembles that of a Village.  Prepare to amble and ramble, to slow your steps.  We have learned to do that.  Learned to let life flow and carry us along.  The gurus remind us of that maxim all the time, but sometimes it takes an island, like a Village, to bring that home.

Just yesterday is a case in point.  Getting up early before the heat we headed out for a walk around our neighborhood.  Almost home, we caught up with a new neighbor who invited us in for a  tour and chat. The tour was great and the chat told us we had much in friend!

Once home we decided to go out to breakfast.  As we started the car out of the drive, we were stopped by two fledgling pileated woodpeckers who were playing about on our front lawn  practicing hunting for bugs in two smaller trees. It was delightful! Of course, my camera was in the house! Thats a lesson I never learn.  The woodpeckers nest each year in a neighbors yard and we had not seen them this year. To our delight here they were!!

                                                         Photo borrowed from the Internet

Finally we drove down the road and arrived at a new found Breakfast place: The Mustard Seed Cafe at Nassau Health Store here on the Island.  We met the chef and staff and they personally attended to our specific orders while at the same time we got to know each other.  That included the fact that the chef is an experienced artist, like me.  We sat in front of a beautiful mural which an artist friend of mine had completed this past year.  While we awaited our omlets, I shopped for items I needed.  Our omlets were superb!  And I found what I wanted in the aisles.

Then we were off to our grocery store.  Of course, we met friends there and concluded some volunteer planning discussions as well as sharing the goodies with good prices that day.  The checkout folks are old friends, too.  No long lines here.  No hassle. 
 Slllloooowwww living done up southern style.

By this time our morning had gone the way of delightful mornings and we arrived back home ready for an afternoon siesta.  If we had gone downtown we would have no doubt had more adventures. That is the way it is on a little Island.  It is a good feeling, a smiling feeling, a feeling of home.

      Old friends, new is silver the other is gold.  Remember that from your childhood?
The Island is doggie-friendly.  Often, shop owners and tenders are assisted by their own pooches who
perform a welcoming function all their own.  Here one of our favorites 
welcomes another just-the-right size customer.

            When I looked up synonoms for small I found such words as: fine, without force or
                         loudness, fragile.  Yes, that sounds like our Island and our life here.


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