Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To market....

It is a ritual with us that Saturday morning finds us downtown at our Farmer's Market, corner of 7th and Center Streets.  Like our early ancestors did, we find that getting our foodstuffs in this manner is pleasant, agreeable and a wonderful way to see old friends. Fresh produce, homemade breads and pies, even some homegrown musicians serenading better to start the weekend.

Could not resist this little guy as he literally brought home the goods for his Mom. Everyone sports different colored bags and baskets to carry their wares. We have a special one as well.

                                    Have you ever seen brussel sprouts a la' natural?

                                                  and lest we forget our sweet tooths....

After sauntering through the market, it is off to walk to our favorite antique and art shops to see what might be new and what our hearts might dream about.  Oftentimes, we leave the central area shops and just wander side residential discover more hidden treasures of Amelia.

Harvests are coming in and we are enjoying every bite and spoonful.  This past year I became a full vegetarian so for me the Farmer's Market is a Godsend.  Many of the vendors are organic growers. Along with what we are growing in our own garden we are enjoying a fruitful harvest.

Nearly every town and city has a Farmer's Market, do you support yours?  Want to tell us about it?
                                                We would love to compare notes.

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