Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Sunday, April 14, 2013

shabby chic anyone?

Meandering the byways of our sweet downtown, we come upon this little beauty...the camera loves it!  No giving it have to walk around and find it;: like a scavanger hunt (apropos term in this case).  I just love the ingenuity and the imagination.  I have seen an antique french portal for over a thousand dollars in an antique shop.  This is better.  Note that the columns do not match!  They just need to be the same height.  If you wander around this unique property you will see bits and pieces at every corner.  One of the pleasures of walking a historic town, or sometimes any area, is to find such surprises.  Our favorite stroll starts with the downtown Farmer's Market finding out produce for the week (less now that we have our garden getting into its swing), we start our wandering trek away from the more travelled areas of the main street.  Scenes like this are just waiting to delight.

I call these treasure forays solace for the soul.  My adventures at the Mayo continue. Promises look good for repairing this tired body.  When they are fulfilled I can walk even more and even further.
Cannot wait to unearth more and more to share.  Meanwhile, I do what I can.  I have walked and walked for many years, it is just a bit harder now.  But...up and at it.  How can I miss things like this?

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