Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Friday, November 28, 2014


The little angel frolicking in the surf comes from Pinterest.  It says just what I want it to say-Christmastide has come to Amelia Island.  No Black Friday for us: it is a blue and gold and red Friday with lots of tinsel and sea shells to show for it.  Lights have been strung on pier posts and a message hung on light posts.... that message is one of peace.



Our day after Thanksgiving is not one of rush and bustle.  Matter of fact it is a fun day downtown with folks still dressed in their pajamas...  If you are wearing pj's you get a 20% discount on your downtown Christmas shopping.  Plus, you have a whole sleigh full of fun.  It is a chilly day but it did not stop the fun and good humor.  I think this year there were more grown-ups acting like children then the other way around.  

Dress up at Christmastide in Amelia Island

This next merry gentleman is enjoying himself and is the hit of the day. Just to his right
notice that this year we had a bell ringer making lovely music.
The Art of Living on an Island in Christmas costume

   The shops are all decorated.  Pajama clad and otherwise shoppers stroll slowly among other strollers. There is nothing that looks like an unhappy crowd.  Shops offer free refreshment and around a corner Santa is set up to hear secret lists.  Another corner and lo, a little band is setting up.  A new charming toy store glistens and invites just across.  Look to the end of the street and boats bob in the harbor.

The art of living on an island shows off in our bookstore at Christmastide

Another Christmas in Amelia for us, the ninth one.  Each year the Christmas scene here delights and refreshes.  No arguments on should if we should call it Christmas! You can bet your traveling elf, not a one. It is a traditional, if quirky season for us here in this southern town and it is all ours.
Christmas is very precious here. We are reminded of it's real meaning, the sense of giving and caring. You can hear the ringing of the Salvation army bells manned by volunteers all over the Island and the sound of giving. If it turns cold our volunteer cold shelters are ready for the less fortunate. Amelia Island is a small town with a big heart especially at Christmas.

Here is hoping you had a good Thanksgiving and 
that your Christmastide is full of blessings.

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