Amelia Island holly

Amelia Island holly
Amelia sand dune

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to tickle a lizard and other important things....

But, first....I am so proud of this photo!

Farmer's Market photo of the day from my wee little red camera....

Walking downtown we often hear foreign languages from passing  tourists. There are often large sailing vessels in port, especially the American River tours.  But, I do not think that universality registered with me. Then today I received a repin for one of my Pinterest Amelia island photos from a Pinner living in San Antonio, Texas.  She, in turn, had repinned a photo from a British website  This photo below came through that internet journey: the article : Top 10 U.S. Islands.

A very pretty photo of our downtown.
At various times of the day, the sidewalks are filled with strollers, including us.

If you do not know what Pinterest is....check it out.  You will
never be the same.


Now to something silly, but perhaps useful some day?

Photo taken in front of a historic home downtown.  Our model : an obliging gecko 
who appeared and stayed still for as long as I needed.... 

"The time to tickle a lizard,
is before, or after, a blizzard.
Now, the place to begin
is just under his chin,-
And here's more advice:
don't poke more than twice
at an intimate place
like his gizzard."

                                                    Theodore Roethke

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